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AYỌ Collective delivers unique culinary affairs with an emphasis on multiculturalism; currently showcasing culinary links between Africa, South America, and the global diaspora, whilst highlighting thought-provoking wines with a story to tell.

At our core, we combine cultural authenticity with creative innovation. We stay true to the roots and traditions to the cultures we represent, while  presenting these stories in fresh, engaging, and impactful ways. By doing so, we hope to create a platform that not only shares stories, but also inspires curiosity, sparks dialogue, and fosters a deeper appreciation of the diverse cultures that make up our world.

‘AYỌ’ - meaning ‘joy’ in the Yoruba language - pays homage to it’s Nigerian roots and celebrates diverse cultures and traditions through innovative food and wine. At AYỌ, people come together to savour the flavours of the world and celebrate the joy of shared experiences.


“I have a pretty broad love for different styles so not only do I love to present some classic producers and grapes, but I also tend to push conventional boundaries by showcasing more of the delicious yet lesser-known styles out there. With the level of creativity in the menu, I try to choose wines with just as much personality, wines that take us on a journey and elevate the dishes to a whole new level.”

After stumbling into a path in the wine industry following a major accident & having to learn to walk again, Henna Zinzuwadia is a revered sommelier currently working closely with cuisines from the Eastern culture to shine light on ethnically diverse ingredients and flavours from across the globe.


Aside of running AYỌ Collective, she also consults with hospitality focused business designing wine lists & working closely with the Front of House teams to elevate service. Her recent achievements include GQ Sommelier of the Year 2022, Be Inclusive Hospitality’s People’s Choice Person of the Year 2022, CODE Hospitality 30 under 30 2022/23, Perazim Magazine’s Top 25 Creatives UK 2023, and has received international recognition for her sommelier work by the US Embassy. She also is a mentor for young women of colour, providing guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.


“I try to introduce our guests to the flavours I grew up tasting and loving, authentic flavours people wouldn’t normally be able to find, and presenting them in a new and unique way. Things like turning ayemase into a relish or egusi into a sauce allows people to experience the beauty of my heritage. I focus on keeping the flavours as authentic as possible.”

Victor Okunowo, born in Nigeria and current resident of London, has established himself as a private chef. His expertise lies in creating dishes that are both dynamic and welcoming, all while championing high-quality, locally-sourced, and seasonal ingredients.


Drawing on his extensive knowledge of traditional food practices such as pickling, fermenting, and preserving, Victor incorporates these techniques into his cooking, along with nods to his West African heritage, giving his food a unique and personalised touch.


Victor first gained recognition for his culinary skills when he made it to the semi-finals of Masterchef: The Professionals 2020. Also honing his craft in various restaurants, including the Michelin-starred establishments Galvin La Chapelle and Gauthier, and he has since gone on to co-found AYO Collective, where he continues to share his passion for food and culinary expertise with others.


"Being a chef is not just about cooking and doing prep. It is about constantly learning, growing and loving what you do.

The joy of cooking is all about experimenting with flavours and textures, telling my story through food and creating something that can make people happy."


Angelo Gonzalez is a Colombian-born chef who from a young age, found solace and creativity in the kitchen, honing his skills and developing a curiosity for worldwide cuisines, such as Modern British-French, West African and Latin.

Born in Colombia, Ange moved to London at the age of 5 and began his culinary journey at the age of 18, where he was introduced to Jamie Oliver's renowned Fifteen apprenticeship programme.

The experience was a turning point, and he next ventured into the world of fine dining; working his way through some of London's most prestigious restaurants including The Woodford, Trinity and Akoko. After a research and development trip to Colombia in 2022, Ange was inspired to showcase more of the Colombian culture through his cooking. Currently, he is a driving force behind AYO Collective and the visionary behind our latest Four Hands Series.

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